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end up being, also on entitlements such as raising the medicare eligibility age, changing the cost of living adjustment for social security. that was all on the table in the summer of 2011. it was part of the proposal that republicans put forth this week. but he knows that in order to be able to agree to that ultimately he needs to make sure that he's extracting something from republicans which are these tax cuts. >> rose: if they go off the fiscal cliff they do not reach a negotiation, a compromise by december 31st, who does the whitehouse think will get the blame? >> well i think it's not just the whitehouse charlie. the whitehouse and republicans are ultimately going to be blamed for this and that's why you're starting to see some fissures amongst republican rank and file you had today 40 house republicans signing a letter and saying they think all options should be on the table, including tax cuts and entitlements. it doesn't seem to be moving. house speaker john baron. but what it could ultimately do is start to lay the ground work for providing him cover to be able to back o
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)